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Intelligent Control and Distributed Supervision in Water Management Network, ESPRIT IV, project No. 22.186. Durada: 1996 - 1998.

Project description

The main focus of the WATERNET project is two-fold:

The development of several subsystems performing the necessary functionalities (i.e. the supervision, the simulation, the machine learning, the models manager, the optimisation, the remote unit, and the water quality);

The integration of these subsystems into a coherent environment, in which the subsystems can easily access and exchange the information they need from the other subsystems, in order to function properly.

SAC contribution to the project was specially in the optimisation module developement (this work pakage was leaded by SAC) and in machine learning applied to demand forecast.
Optimal control in water networks deals with the problem of generating control strategies ahead of time, to guarantee a good service in the network, while achieving certain performance goals, which may include one or more of the following, according to the needs of a specic utility: minimization of supply and pumping costs, maximization of water quality, pressure regulation for leak prevention, etc. The optimization process consists of searching the space of admissible control actions to obtain the minimum (or maximum) value of the performance index, while producing only admissible states of the network.

Waternet Partners

University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands
UNINOVA, Portugal
ESTEC, Portugal
ADASA, Spain
WBE, The Netherlands
UPC, Spain.
UN, Italie
SMAS, Portugal

SAC contributions

Research team
Joseba Quevedo*, Gabriela cembrano**, Rosa Aregelaguet*, Ramon Pérez*
* Technical University of Catalunya (UPC)
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