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Training Benchmarks

Simulation models are one of the most studied topics within the SAC's research and transfer of technology. In this section, students and researchers will find our own developed simulation models and software, as well as other benchmarks related to the research group studied topics.

Self-developed benchmarks

Benchmark for cyber attacks

In this benchmark, a number of attacks are considered, covering different attack policies.


Simulador  Water distribution networks simulator

SAC's members have been working for more than two decades in control, supervision, modelling and identification methodologies for the water production, treatment and distribution industry. The research in this topic is more active than ever. In this section we present a simulation tool for water distribution networks, which combines EPANET and Matlab programs. This tool also allows the user to produce customized modules.



Links to related benchmarks

ControlWindTurbine.jpg FDI FTC Wind Turbine Benchmark

Kk-electronic has developed a simulator for evaluating advanced fault detection and tolerant control systems design techniques.



AR.Drone Autonomous path tracking control of a quadrotor unmanned aerial vehicle

Competition proposed by the CEA group. The formulated control problem is the autonomous xy path tracking of a quadrotor unmanned aerial vehicle. This system provides information about its currently position and speed in the xy plane. It is possible to actuate on the pitch and yaw controllers for provoking the device movement.

 Autonomous path tracking control of a vehicle cuatrirrotor.