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Master and PhD

One of the objectives of the CER CS2AC-UPC  is the development of research tasks and the realization of educational activities of specialization, linked to the areas of research of the group.

The educational activities of specialization are developed imparting fundamental and advanced subjects in the master's degree in Automatic Control and Robotics and master degree's in Engineering of Automatic Systems and Power Electronics; and the training of Researchers is developed within the framework of the program of doctorate in Automatic, Vision and Robotics.

Since 2004 members of the group are participating in the Network of Supervision and Diagnosis of failures of Complex Systems. This Network has the objetives of:

  • Promoting the research and the transfer of technology in the area of supervision at a national level
  • Promotion of this field at national level, both at academic and corporative level
  • Looking for means to promote the training in this field at postgraduate level
Within the framework of this network, the school of Detection and Diagnosis of Failures in Complex Systems is organized. This activity consists on organizing an interuniversity seminar, that looks for the formation of professionals (Ph. D. students or staff from the industry), interested in subjects related with the Detection and Diagnosis of Complex Systems, using techniques coming the areas of the Engineering of Control, Artificial Intelligence, Statistics... Teachers and researchers of recognized international prestige participate in teaching the subjects.

This activity has been sibsidized by the European Community through the project MONET2 and by the Ministry of Education and Science, with the concession of the supports: DPI2002-12893-E, DPI2005-23815-E, DPI2006-28369-E and DPI2009-06124-E. 

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