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Participation in the MED'16

Participation in the MED'16


Prof Joseba Quevedo has presented the research work

 Comparison of Two Non-Linear Model-Based Control Strategies for Autonomous Vehicles

in the  24th Mediterranean Conference on Control and Automation held in Athens, Greece the 21-24 of june. 

Abstract: This paper presents the comparison of two nonlinear model-based control strategies for autonomous cars. A control oriented model of vehicle based on a bicycle model is used. The two control strategies use a model reference approach. Using this approach, the error dynamics model is developed. Both controllers receive as input the longitudinal, lateral and orientation errors generating as control outputs the steering angle and the velocity of the vehicle. The first control approach is based on a non-linear control law that is designed by means of the Lyapunov direct approach. The second approach is based on a sliding mode-control that defines a set of sliding surfaces over which the error trajectories will converge. The main advantage of the sliding-control technique is the robustness against non-linearities and parametric uncertainties in the model. However, the main drawback of first order sliding mode is the chattering, so it has been implemented a high order sliding mode control. To test and compare the proposed control strategies, different path following scenarios are used in simulation.